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The first video shows a compilation of clips showing our EMMA™ Stand Systems - both TSS and TSS D-90 - performing a variety of Aerospace manufacturing and maintenance operations, including surface reactivation, filler/surfacer feathering, and full de-paint.


1] EMMA™ Stand Systems


The second video shows several EMMA™ systems at work on a trainer jet. Different EMMA deployments allow access to almost all of the aircraft surface. This installation improved the customer's depaint process time dramatically and helps protect their workers from vibration and toxic dust exposure:


  • 2] EMMA™ for Trainer Jet De-Paint


  • The third video shows an EMMA™ Stand System and an RMR System mounted on a scissor lift helping prepare the surface of a train car for repainting:


    3] EMMA™ Train De-Paint


    The fourth video is a compilation of clips of our EMMA™ Belly System helping de-paint the underwing and under belly surfaces of various aircraft:


    4] EMMA™ Belly Systems



    The fifth video shows an advanced prototype of our new Wing Top Sander during testing at our launch customer's facility. The Wing-Top Sander represents an ergonomic alternative to the current (very unpleasant) process of workers crawling around on their hands and knees.


    5] New Wing-Top Sander


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