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TSS Module

What EMMA™ Is


Each EMMA model features the core technology, the EMMA module, which consists of the Arm, Actuation Package, Auto-Adjust, Joystick Box and End-Effector.


The Arm generates EMMA’s smooth motion, absorbs all vibration generated by the sander(s), and provides the necessary compliance to protect the workpiece while granting the operator a high degree of control.


The Actuation Box houses the pneumatic cylinde­rs that pull the Arm control cables and the Auto-Adjust cylinder.


The Auto-Adjust (not illustrated) applies consistent contact pressure throughout the sanding process. Ensuring that the force applied is consistent throughout a process and among all operators improves finish quality and consistency.


The Joystick Box holds the Arm, sander, and vacuum controls and places them at the optimum position and angle for the operator. With the intuitive controls, an EMMA operator is always in full control of the system.


The End-Effector is the mounting assembly which holds the tool(s) at the end of the Arm. In an End-Effector frame, the sander(s) freely pitch and roll and are balanced to allow the pad to conform to the part surface. Hence, End-Effectors hold tools flat (normal) to the surface throughout the range of motion of the Arm.


For each of the EMMA Models, the EMMA Module is presented to the part surface using a different Deployment System (e.g. Belly, Stand, Rail-mounted). The EMMA Models are designed to allow a wide variety of facilities to integrate the EMMA technology into their process and ensure that the EMMA is easy, effective, and safe to use.


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